Samsung Gear S3 uses 14nm Exynos 7270 processor

Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Gear S3, was announced yesterday. It comes with various improvements over the last year’s Gear S2, and the processing chipset is one of them. Samsung didn’t talk about the processor model used in the Gear S3 during the launch yesterday, but we come to know that it uses an Exynos 7270 processor.

The Exynos 7270 has a 1GHz dual-core CPU, which is made using Samsung’s latest 14nm FinFET fabrication process. We don’t know yet whether the SoC uses Cortex-A53 cores or the newer Cortex-A35 cores. As opposed to last year, all the variants of the smartwatch use this new chipset.

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It says 7270 in Anandtech article, but where does it say it’s 14nm?