Samsung starts distributing the August security patch for the Galaxy S6 edge+ in Europe

Following a successful rollout of the August security patch for the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has today started rolling out an identical update for all unlocked models of the Galaxy S6 edge+ in Europe. The upgrade, which carries the firmware version XXS2BPH1, has been specifically designed to fix an issue that results in malware being installed on a handset if the SideSync application is activated before completing the Setup Wizard.

If you own an unlocked model of the Galaxy S6 edge+, reside in Europe and would like to see if the upgrade is ready for your device, simply head into Settings, followed by About Device, locate and select Software Update, then hit the Download Updates Manually button. Alternatively, you can wait until you receive a push notification prompting you to install the update from Samsung’s servers. However, you will need to have at least 50% of battery or be connected to an outlet to receive the alert.


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9 months 26 days ago

Got the August Update just now on the 30th of August for my S7 Edge UNLOCKED. Guess it still counts as the August Update eventhough september is only 2 days away. So I guess I will get the September Update by the end of September then ;-)

9 months 30 days ago

nothing here in belgium. last update received was in June -

9 months 30 days ago

Got mine here in Australia yesterday.

9 months 30 days ago

I got it here in the UK. But that option for always ask for default app is still missing… I really hate having to reset defaults all the time jus to use Chromecast or something. Is there any other way to get this option back?

9 months 30 days ago

Not AT&T as USUAL. Probably be late Sept. for them. They have not released Marshmallow for Note 4 or S5 YET.

Faisal 123
9 months 30 days ago

In India Galaxy s6 got August update in 11 August…
I think indian Market is very fast to distribute their update…

9 months 30 days ago

Not received in Sweden, just checked.

9 months 30 days ago

I live in Sweden and both me and my wife got a update to our unlocked S6 (Flat) today. It was about 420MB and we finally have a later Android security patch
than the beginning of April. Can’t see anything new/different in the phone which I thought I would see considering the size of the update. Wondering when we’ll see the Nougat update to our phones and when (if ever) Marshmallow will reach my Tab S.

9 months 30 days ago

For the normal Galaxy S6 edge in Brazil too. G925I DVU3EPH9/PH3 already installed here!

9 months 30 days ago

Still havent received it on S7 edge even though I live in Europe…..

9 months 30 days ago

Same here. Unlocked S7 Edge and no August Update yet in Germany :-(

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