North Korean athletes reportedly never got their free Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition smartphones

Samsung is a major partner of the Olympics and it has gone all out this year to show its support for the games and use the opportunity that partnership affords to promote its products. The company has also created a limited edition Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition which it announced would be given for free to all 12,500 athletes competing in the games this year. According to a report, the athletes from North Korea never got their free handsets from Samsung.

The report mentions that it’s not Samsung’s fault that the athletes from North Korea didn’t get their free smartphones. Apparently an official accompanying the team went to Samsung’s office and collected all of the devices meant for North Korea’s 31 competing athletes. When DPRK athlete Kim Song I was asked by the scribe if she had received her free Samsung smartphone she is said to have shook her head.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the officials accompanying the team did confiscate the handsets given that it would possibly be a breach of protocol for the athletes to possess the devices, never mind the fact that they are made by Samsung which is based in DPRK’s arch rival, South Korea.



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Please remove the woman’s name if it is real. She will be executed only by telling them this story.


They should have handed them out in front of the world/cameras. The “handlers” would have most likely waited to take them away so they didn’t look bad.


Afterall, the 2 Koreans are still technically in War though!