Leaked video offers a glimpse of the new Samsung Z2 Tizen smartphone

We have known for a few months now that Samsung is working on a new Tizen-powered handset called the Samsung Z2. Just yesterday the user manual of this handset leaked online and gave us some clues about its design. It was also reported yesterday that the Samsung Z2 will be launched in markets across Africa and Southeast Asia as well. A video has been leaked online which offers us a glimpse of the Samsung Z2 in action alongside the Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3.

The short video offers a glimpse at the Samsung Z2 as it’s lined up with the Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3. A unity game is launched on each handset and checked for functionality, that’s about it. The video doesn’t reveal too much about the design itself or the specifications for that matter. Previous rumors suggest that the Samsung Z2 model number SM-Z200F is going to have a 4-inch display and at least 1GB RAM. It may also be the first Tizen smartphone from Samsung to be compatible with 4G. Samsung has not yet confirmed when it’s going to launch its new Tizen smartphone.


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