Samsung leads in fitness bands, trails Apple in smartwatch satisfaction rankings

The latest research conducted by J.D. Power and Associates reveals that Samsung ranks the highest among manufacturers of fitness band devices while it trails Apple in second place among manufacturers of smartwatches. It found that reliability and durability are the main drivers for consumer satisfaction with fitness bands while ease of use and comfort make customers satisfied with their smartwatches. The research reports measure overall consumer satisfaction among those who purchased a smartwatch or a fitness tracker over the past 12 months. Satisfaction is examined across 11 different factors and graded on a 1000-point scale.

Samsung scored 859 points and ranked the highest in consumer satisfaction with fitness bands and was found to perform particularly well in reliability, comfort and ease of use. It’s followed in second place by Garmin. Apple took the top spot in consumer satisfaction with smartwatches as it scored 852 points, it did particularly well in comfort, styling and ease of use. Samsung ranks second in smartwatch consumer satisfaction with 842 points and was found to perform well in display size, features and customer service. These figures are based on the responses of 2,949 respondents who purchased a fitness band and 2,696 respondents who purchased a smartwatch within the past 12 months. Samsung recently overhauled its fitness tracking products, the Gear Fit 2 builds upon its predecessor very nicely while the Gear IconX happens to be the first wireless earbuds with activity tracking features from the company.


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