Samsung invests in Darktrace and Blocko to make its IoT systems more secure

Samsung appears to be taking its venture into the Internet of Things (IoT) market very seriously as it has decided to invest in UK-based security solutions developer Darktrace and Korean blockchain venture Blocko. It’s believed that the manufacturer will use its new-found ties with these companies to create a more secure IoT system that’s capable of detecting abnormal behavior and threats, making it significantly harder for hackers to force their way into home networks.

I have to say; I think this is a very smart move on Samsung’s part. At the rate IoT is developing, it won’t be too much longer until everyone has a Wi-Fi-enabled lock on their front door, and while unlocking your door from your smartphone is fantastic and eliminates the need to lug around a set of keys, it’s still pretty dangerous as without the right security precautions in place anyone with hacking experience can trick the system into thinking it’s you.


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