Samsung will focus on these three fields in future technology development

Samsung has said that it has selected 12 projects in three core fields – fast charging battery, functional exterior materials and artificial intelligence for smart devices – for the 2016 Samsung Research Funding Program for Future Technologies. Samsung started this program in 2013 for the development of basic sciences, material sciences and information & communications technology aside from working on innovative and futuristic technologies.

To develop artificial intelligence for smart devices the company is going to support work on six projects which include the development of dedicated deep learning chips that will be used as a hardware chip platform for AI and Internet of Things, enabling smart devices to have on-device learning without having to rely on cloud or server-based deep learning software. The work on fast charging battery is focused on three projects one of which deals with fast charging without energy density loss. The battery being developed is expected to have 80 percent capacity after just 10 minutes of charging. Samsung is also going to fund work on several projects for functional exterior materials, they include research on a novel metallic material that’s flexible and capable of maintaining the natural texture of the metal.

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Functional exterior materials, I’ll vote for that. No more materials that dent or crack. No more materials that demand a protective case just to protect them from ordinary expected use.