Samsung shines some light on how the Gear Fit 2 has been optimized for fitness tracking

Samsung has already published an interview shining some light on the design and development process behind its second-generation sports band, the Gear Fit 2. However, the manufacturer left many questions unanswered with regards to how the device is more tailored to fitness than other wearables on the market, so the firm has taken to its Newsroom to share yet another Q&A, but, this time, it’s mainly focused on how it optimized the unit to monitor activity.

It’s clear that the defining feature of the Gear Fit 2 is the inclusion of a GPS chip. This enables the band to not only calculate distance better, but provides a more accurate representation of speed and calories burned. The designers believe that the unit is also more functional than its competitors, which is mainly achieved by the vibrant touchscreen mounted on the front that permits users to receive all the notifications they would on their smartphone on their wrist.

Check out the full Q&A by hitting the source link below.


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