Samsung closing in on Apple in enterprise security

Samsung is striving hard to become a bigger player in the enterprise market. The company’s Knox security solution for mobile devices has been very well-received, and it recently partnered with IBM and BlackBerry to improve security on its smartphones and tablets. Now, a new report claims that Samsung is closing in on Apple regarding BYOD and enterprise security.

According to a report by Tech Pro Research, Samsung devices are approaching Apple levels in the enterprise market. However, vendors seem to think that Apple devices are much more secure than Samsung devices. The report shows Apple clearly winning the enterprise market right now, but Samsung has been able to project its devices as enterprise-friendly, thanks to its Knox and other security solutions.

The report states that Samsung is the best shot at the adoption of Android in the enterprise market. Moreover, BlackBerry could also help Android in the enterprise market with the help of its security intellectual property and legacy inside enterprises. Look at the charts below that rate vendors’ perception of brands in device security.

Tablet Security Rankings - Tech Pro Research - July 2016

Smartphone Security Rankings - Tech Pro Research - July 2016


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Security of tablets? LOL.

My premium £449 Tab Pro never received an update. It was released on Kitkat, it stayed on Kitkat. It’s got so many security holes in it a truck could get through.

Tab S? It’s stuck in Lollipop 5.0.x and it hasn’t received a security update in almost a year.

I dislike Apple and despise iOS, but I totally get why people buy iPads.


Samsungs Knox is the only security package now deemed safe for secure communication and mobile storage for use by the DoD, NSA and even the Whitehouse, plus the UK Ministry of Defence. I think enterprise will follow. Personally I deal with many large corporations. I don’t know even one who uses Apple. It has huge security holes.