Themes Thursday: Here are this week’s five best themes

Samsung releases a lot of third-party themes in its Theme Store each week for Galaxy smartphones. We try to narrow down the best themes for our readers as a part of Themes Thursday.

Samsung has released 82 themes this week, and here are five best ones that you might be interested in installing. [TMA] One, [V] TicToc, and LonDon themes are quite nicely designed. If you’re into square icons, check out the [V[ Bubble theme. The [V] Denim theme has an interesting design as well.

[TMA] One
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [TMA] One

[V] Bubble
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [V] Bubble

[V] Denim
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [V] Denim

[V] TicToc
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [V] TicToc

Samsung Galaxy Theme - LonDon


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I have one question about themes.. when my mom got her galaxy a5 2016, and i start to play with it, I (a really big fan of BMW) immediately serached for BMW i8 theme on store.. found it, and downloaded it.. month later when I got my note 5, there was no BMW i8 theme.. is it possible that samsung removed some theme, or at least some themes for some markets? Doesn’t seem like real, but … i don’t know… any help on this?


Thats the point of having a theme. The whole theme will be applied colors, icons, background etc. So if you want a theme with the same defualt icons just choose those that has it. Or color and notificatuon that has it. C’mon guys grow up.


i dont know why nut everytime i change a theme something particular is wrong with it like the colour of the notification tray so i just keep the theme to default as its the best


Anyone having any theme applied not changing its icons ?


Does anyone have a link to the Injustice Edition batman theme?