Themes Thursday: 106 themes released in the Theme Store this week

Welcome back to this week’s Themes Thursday! Samsung has released 106 themes this week for its Galaxy smartphones, and we’ve chosen four themes that we think you would like to install.

The [PIXOME] With You In The Beach (Live) theme paints beach in unique color combination, while the [V] Camping theme has a clean interface. Material UI Black and Material Plus themes follow Google’s Material design guidelines, and you can choose them depending on your love for dark or bright interfaces, respectively.

Some Euro 2016-related themes are also available in the Theme Store, and you can install any one of them to show your support for your team. Which theme did you install this week?

[PIXOME] With You In The Beach (Live)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [PIXOME] With You In The Beach (Live)

[V] Camping
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [V] Camping

Material Black UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Material Black UI

Material Plus
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Material Plus

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