Verizon rolls out Marshmallow OTA for the Galaxy Note Edge

Verizon has today started rolling out the long-awaited Marshmallow OTA update (VRU2CPD1) to all its carrier-branded variants of the Galaxy Note Edge located in the United States. Just like the upgrade it rolled out for the handset’s non-curved counterpart, the Galaxy Note 4, this release brings all of the changes you’d expect to find baked into Android 6.0.1, in addition to a plethora of additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

If you’d like to see if the upgrade is ready for your phone, simply head into Settings, followed by About Device, locate and select Software Update, then hit the Update Now button. Alternatively, you can wait until you receive a push notification prompting you to download and install the update from Samsung’s servers. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to have at least 50% of battery or be connected to the mains in order to receive the alert.

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Holy Mother of Jesus, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Downloading NOW! Going from 5.0.1 straight to 6.0.1! It will feel like a brand new phone!