Teardown reveals that Gear 360 is made up of eight main componenents

Samsung’s first 360-degree camera, the Gear 360, has already started shipping to lucky customers in South Korea and is set to make its way to the UK in mid-June, but to drum up some more attention surrounding the device, the manufacturer has today published a post over on its website showcasing its internals, together with an annotated render displaying the unit dissected layer-by-layer.

As can be seen in the image below, the Gear 360 is made up of eight main components: A protective casing, a G1 shock-resistant lens cover, a front bracket which holds the display in place, two 15MP Dual CMOS camera modules (front/rear), a copper sheet to cope with the head generated by capturing video, a motherboard, a 1,350mAh battery and a rear bracket which houses the Power and Menu keys.

I have to say; I found it pretty interesting to see the technology that goes into capturing clear video, and am amazed that there are so few components enclosed in the Gear 360’s shell. Samsung has done a great job at making the unit small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, while maintaining a high standard of picture quality, which is something most 360-degree cameras on the market fail to do.


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