Samsung might file a counter-suit against Huawei in latest legal battle

Huawei announced yesterday that it has filed lawsuits against Samsung in the United States and China seeking compensation for alleged patent infringement by the Korean giant. Samsung is most definitely going to fight Huawei on this but instead of just replying to its accusations in court it looks like Samsung might file a counter-suit against Huawei.

In its lawsuit filed in a San Francisco federal court, Huawei claims that Samsung has infringed on as many as 11 patents related to communications networks and software to enable Long Term Evolution networks on its 4G devices. Huawei is not seeking a ban on the sale of Samsung handsets in the United States but does claim billions of dollars in damages, a precise amount and other conditions for a settlement have not been disclosed. Huawei has filed a similar lawsuit in Shenzhen People’s Court in China.

Ahn Seong-ho, the head of Samsung’s intellectual property division, told reporters following a weekly meeting of Samsung CEOs in Seoul that the company is going to take countermeasures, “including a lawsuit” against Huawei. A spokesperson for Samsung declined to further elaborate the company’s position on this matter, adding that the company is reviewing the case.


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I like that. A counterattack to the nonsense Huawei.


Nothing good comes out of being a patent troll Huawei.


Well, except that Huawei is one of the largest LTE patent holders in the world. They even won a lawsuit against ZTE in Germany a few years back, so I don’t think it’s just an empty threat.

Further, the US is Samsung’s largest market, whereas Huawei barely sells any mobile devices here — or at least doesn’t sell any much as Samsung — so Samsung is clearly at disadvantage here.