These two Samsung Chromebooks will be able to run Android apps when the functionality launches later this year

Earlier today, Google took to its official blog to share a list of Chromebooks that’ll be able to run native Android applications when the newly-announced feature arrives on Chrome OS later this year. The Chromebook 2 11″ (XE500C12) and Chromebook 3 (XE500C13) are the only two Samsung-branded laptops to find their way onto the index. However, we find it somewhat difficult to imagine how apps will run on these devices seeing as neither model features a touchscreen — so users will have to scroll around and manually click to select options using the trackpad.

Despite this, it’s still pretty neat to see that the feature will be making its way to Samsung’s latest Chromebooks. I certainly can’t wait to install the native Twitter for Android client on my Chromebook 3. I’m looking forward to receiving push notifications on my computer whenever I’m mentioned in a new tweet or when one of my friends shares something interesting. I do fear, though, that having all of my favorite apps on my workhorse will distract me from completing important work throughout the day, but only time will tell.

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Hi Josh,

I just got one of the Samsung XE500C13 CHromebooks.
I updated the OS the 55, could not load any app, subscribed to the BETA channel, still cannot load any apps.

Your article was written 8 months ago and support was expected… How can I get my device to load apps?