Samsung updates Good Lock, brings more customization control

Good Lock is one of those new projects by Samsung that you either love or hate, and its vanilla Android look and feel has some Samsung faithful uninstalling it. Others can’t get enough of Good Lock, but, either way, Samsung’s new project seems to produce polarizing thoughts about where Samsung is headed with it. Polarizing companies are loved when they’re hated and hated when they’re loved, and that seems to be the mark of good software and apps as well.

Samsung has updated Good Lock before, with the company bringing bug fixes to fix some earlier issues — even going so far as to add a card style recents menu (which was one of the sticky points of the app before the update). Now, just one month later, the Korean giant is back with a new Good Lock update that’s sure to give users even more customization over how they choose to rock Samsung’s new lock screen.

The latest update brings Good Lock to version 24.0.8 and lets you “delete all” in the card-style recents menu, enable or disable the app tray in recent apps, greater status icon visibility, adding Mobile Data in Quick Settings, and so on. Samsung has also fixed a number of problems pertaining to repeat low battery notifications, lock screen issues when in calls, Bluetooth battery performance, lock screen effect performance, and more. You can find the new update changelog below. Those who were wishing for a disable option so as to continue flirting with the new lock screen will be disappointed, however.

If you’re a huge fan of Good Lock and want to take the new update, click the APK download link below and get your taste of Samsung’s latest. Want to know what to expect before giving the new lock screen a spin? You can always read our Good Lock app review.

What do you think of the new changes? Love them or hate them? Have any ideas of your own?

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Good Lock v24.0.8 changelog

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