Otto is a cute personal assistant robot from Samsung

It is fairly evident from the technology and products showcased at the SDC 2016 event that Samsung is pushing heavily towards the Internet of Things. The company demonstrated Otto, a cute personal assistant robot that could not only answer questions but also double up as a security monitoring device.

Otto is essentially a home companion smart robot that can answer questions similar to Siri or Amazon Echo. However, it also features a display and a high-definition camera, so it can double up as a home security guard. The Internet-connected robot can broadcast live video to mobile devices and PCs. Its camera can be moved in various directions using a mobile camera. More importantly, it can also talk to and control smart home appliances like an air conditioner or a refrigerator.

The smart robot is based on Samsung’s Artik 10 board computer that will be available for purchase next month. The Artik 10 is a prototype and Samsung doesn’t have any intention make it commercially available to consumers. It is essentially a live example of what could be made using the company’s Artik board computers. Samsung wants IoT enthusiasts to experiment using the Artik 10 and make smart devices like the Otto.

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