Homescreen Saturday: Show us what you have on your home screen!

Android offers a range of customization possibilities, and it all begins right at the home screen. You have probably seen an awesome home screen setup on the internet and wondered how the user set it up. It has happened to us, and today we’re kicking off a new section on SamMobile called Homescreen Saturday.

Through Homescreen Saturday, our readers can win a spot on our homepage by letting us know what they have on their device’s home screen. How will it work? Every Monday we will open a thread on our forums where you can submit your home screen setup. The best one will be chosen each Friday and will be posted on the main SamMobile website the next day.

What do we need from you? First, a screenshot of your home screen of course. We would also like to know which launcher, theme, widgets, icons and wallpapers you have used, with the links for each of them (without the links you won’t qualify). We also want to know the device you are using, and maybe a little intro of yourself along with why your home screen is set up the way it is.

We would like to explicitly mention that you will need to state the authors of the wallpapers and/or icons. If you have taken a wallpaper from a specific app, simply leave the Play Store link for that app.

Here’s a little example:

Hi, I’m Martin from The Netherlands and I like minimal home screens on my devices (a Galaxy S7 edge at the moment).

I use Action Launcher3, and the Mars Icons pack for its great material design flavor. The widget is Form Clock, and the other widget is a free preset for the KWGT widget app. That’s it for what I have on my home screen.

Galaxy S6_EC9F2A3FF630_ (1)


ThemeFlilxUI (by Lukas Kendi @ the Theme Store)
LauncherAction Launcher3 ( by Chris Lacy @ the Play Store)
WallpaperFilx Stock wallpaper
IconsMars Icons ( by 521 Labs @ Google + (in Beta)
WidgetsFormClock ( by Micheal Beaton @ the Play Store)
KWGT Pro widget ( by Kustom Industries @ the Play Store)
KWGT free preset by Frank Monza @ Google+

What do you think of Homescreen Saturday? Do you like the home screen shown above? Let us know the comments, and look forward to the first edition of Homescreen Saturday!

The thread to submit your homescreen for this week can be found here.

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