Samsung hopes to make fitness tracking smarter with its new Bio-Processor

Samsung has just taken the wraps of the industry’s first all-in-one advanced Bio-Processor. The chip itself features an array of different fitness-specific control units and has been marketed at upcoming health tracking devices. In theory, this new chipset should improve the reliability of trackers as it removes the need for external processing, meaning that all data can be pushed through in real-time, thereby enabling more accurate results.

Judging from the amount of sensors bundled into this chip, it certainly looks like Samsung is hoping to revolutionize the health monitorization market. At present, users of both the Apple Watch and Gear S2 only have the ability to track their steps and heart rate, but if they owned a device with the new Bio-Processor, they’d have the facility to access: a bioelectrical impedance analysis, a detailed breakdown of organ measurements, an electrocardiogram showing electrical activity of their heart and a graph showing skin temperature — so, all-in-all, pretty astonishing in-depth statistics that you’d usually have to visit a doctor to get your hands on.


The Bio-Processor has already entered mass production and is expected to make its way into devices in the first quarter of 2016, most likely in the South Korean company’s second-generation Gear S2, which is sure to make an appearance sometime in the next year.


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