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Last updated: November 2nd, 2015 at 16:32 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s Soundcamp app is by far one of the most high quality music making apps that currently available on the Google Play Store with over 10,000 installs. We saw the app being used during IFA 2015 in order to perform ‘Over the horizon’ with the Soundcamp Looper, and it’s an extremely useful app for DJs. You can basically compose, mix, and spin straight off your Samsung device. You also get access to various virtual instruments like drums or keyboards, along with a huge library of built-in sound effects.

The app has a high level of complexity, offering you a Multitrack View for recording up to eight tracks in MIDI or stereo audio, and you also have the MIDI Editor View which is pretty straight forward, allowing you to edit MIDI. Finally, you have the Mixer View which is like the mixing console in all the big recording studios, so the bottom line is that you get the power of creating music straight to your fingertips. Samsung also has a neat little tool called The Sampler, which lets its users import, play and record any sound into a custom instrument.

Check out the two video demonstrating the usefulness of the Samsung Soundcamp app and get it using the button below.

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