T-Mobile confirms release date for the Gear S2

The United States was one of the first markets to receive the Gear S2 when Samsung released it earlier this month though initially the Wi-Fi only version was available for purchase, mobile carriers in the country are going to offer it and today the country’s third largest carrier confirmed when its customers can purchase the Gear S2. T-Mobile confirmed today that it’s going to start selling the Gear S2 from November 15.

Customers will have the option to purchase it in either Silver or Dark Gray, they can either pay $359.99 to purchase it outright or get it on the carrier’s instalment plan by paying $15 per month for 23 months and $14.99 in the final month of the 24 month payment plan. Those who are already on T-Mobile can add the Gear S2 to their existing smartphone plan for an additional $5 per month. The Gear S2 will be available for purchase online from T-Mobile as well as through its brick-and-mortar stores starting November 15.


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