Samsung will reportedly stop selling budget smartphones in The Netherlands

According to a new report Samsung has decided that it’s going to stop selling low-end budget smartphones in The Netherlands and focus on the mid-range and high-end segments of the market instead. This is going to be a major strategy shift on Samsung’s part, as far as The Netherlands is concerned, the company has long had a habit of flooding the market with devices aimed at every segment. For it to fine tune its approach shows that Samsung might now be thinking to slowly phase out devices that don’t offer high margins at least in select markets.

The report claims that Samsung’s low-end budget smartphones priced lower than €150 will slowly be phased out from the country’s smartphone market, It’s also claimed that Samsung is making this change because it wants to improve its image as well, make sure that it’s associated more with premium quality high-end and robust mid-range handsets instead of cheap budget devices. Samsung has not yet confirmed or denied the claims of this report so it can’t really be said for sure right now whether or not the company plans on implementing this strategy in some other markets as well.


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