OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei wants to be an intern at Samsung

OnePlus is a relatively new kid on the block, the company has only released two handsets up till now but it has been able to create a lot of hype for them through PR stunts. It employs an arduous invite system to sell smartphones which has been criticized at length, OnePlus also botched the release of its latest flagship smartphone, a fact that the company acknowledged and apologized for. It’s safe to say that OnePlus has a lot to learn and the company’s co-founder Carl Pei is looking towards one of the leaders in the mobile industry for wisdom and experience.

In a post on his personal blog OnePlus co-founder and head of global Carl Pei has presented an interesting idea, he wants to be an intern at Samsung. Pei says that it’s an astounding fact that Samsung has been around for over 77 years and has shipped hundreds of millions of phone across the globe, “you can’t help but admire their operations,” he writes. Pointing towards Samsung’s recent less than spectacular quarters and talk of how startups like OnePlus are disrupting the mobile landscape, Pei argues that even though the industry is evolving there’s room of all to compete and learn from each other. “Let me be your intern,” Pei implores Samsung, adding that the would be honored to learn from the team how they have managed to scale, run and manage their business so successfully. He even goes on to propose an intern swap, Pei at Samsung HQ and one of Samsung’s executives over at OnePlus.

Carl Pei wouldn’t be out of place as an intern at Samsung, he’s had stints in marketing over at Nokia, Meizu, Oppo and even served as a director of new markets at Oppo for about nine months before founding OnePlus. Despite its stumbles OnePlus has demonstrated that it has what it takes to compete against the giants in the smartphone market and that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but it certainly needs to learn a thing or two from the big boys to take its business to the next level. Whether or not Samsung will agree to this proposal remains to be seen, the company has not yet responded to Pei, at least publicly.


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Thats great. Get him and make the next galaxies stock android with the (material designed) samsung apps as extra