Gear S2 tutorial videos published by Samsung

Samsung fans have long been waiting for the company’s first round smartwatch and a few weeks back it followed through by formally unveiling the Gear S2. It talked in detail about what the new smartwatch is capable of doing and all of the features it touts. Even if you have used Samsung smartwatches in the past you might need some time to get accustomed to the Gear S2. That’s because it has a revolving bezel unlike any other previous Gear smartwatch, the bezel is instrumental for navigation and new gestures to access features.

To make sure that users don’t have a hard time figuring out all of the new interactions on their own Samsung has published five new video tutorials for the Gear S2 which explain how the touch screen and bezel are to be used to navigating, how to connect the Gear S2 to a compatible smartphone, how to transfer files between mobile devices, how to conserve the all important battery power s well as how to use the call and message features of the smartwatch. It’s a good time for these videos to be published, the Gear S2 is going to be released in the coming month and those who are excited about purchasing one can get accustomed to the new user experience even before their unit arrives.

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