T-Mobile begins rolling out Samsung Pay update to Galaxy Note 5

Owners of the Galaxy Note 5 on T-Mobile are now receiving a new update to Samsung Pay, but it doesn’t look like anything major yet as the update size is only about 30MB. The exciting thing about this OTA is the fact that it could be a sign of Samsung pay making its way into the US.

So far Samsung Pay has only been released in South Korea where it had a huge success with nearly 25,000 registrants a day, smashing its competition. Starting tomorrow, US-based residents will be able to use Samsung Pay in their country, and given the impact it had on the Asian community, it’s likely to dominate the US market as well.

This isn’t the only update we’ve gotten in regards to Samsung Pay. Three days ago, the official Samsung Pay app was updated with support for auto card number display and off-screen activation, so it’s pretty clear that the payment service’s release in the US is imminent, but the competition is very fierce. We have Apple Pay on one hand and Android Pay on the other, and it will be interesting to see whether customers will go with Apple, Google or Samsung on this one.



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Although I certainly don’t use Verizon anymore….. I hope they get the hint and quit punishing their own user base, by denying Samsung Pay even exists are is better than all their competition. Where’s their Wifi Calling too? All other carriers have it! Oh…. yeah…. we live primarily in a Fascist Duopoly country. Where they are allowed to beat up on competitors, phone makers (all except Apple) and their own customers. While charging more for less! T-Mobile is great that way. The aren’t in to controlling the market with anticompetitive measures meant to choke more money out of us than… Read more »


S6 edge in at&t just got android 5.1.1 and Samsung pay yesterday but it is not active yet