Tizen 2.4 beta SDK released, brings mobile payments and much more

Samsung has released Tizen 2.4 beta SDK, it has more than 3,000 new APIs which will help attract a lot of attention with new features for the software. Notable features include support for third-party keyboards which can be packaged as native, all application types are supported which means third-party keyboards will work in both web apps and native apps. Maps Service API and Geofence Service API significantly improve location features. Voice Control is onboard as well with new APIs allowing control app features and elementary widgets with just voice commands.

Contextual Trigger API is the next major feature in Tizen 2.4 beta SDK, this new API will help the phone become aware of events like time, status, location and communication events so specific actions can be performed automatically like launching apps or pushing notifications. Last but not the least NFC HCE (Host Card Emulation) is onboard as well, this will enable Tizen smartphones to make mobile payments over NFC, app developers can now make apps that are powered by the NFC HCE technology to provide users with more ways to pay for their purchases. Tizen 2.4 beta SDK is now available for download from the Tizen Developers website.

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