SK Hynix and Samsung will reportedly start supply high bandwidth memory for NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU

A report out of Korea claims that Samsung and SK Hynix are gearing up to mass produce second-generation high bandwidth memory for NVIDIA’s Pascal graphics processor starting in the first quarter of 2016, the firms are expected to finish pilot production and reliability tests by the end of this year. SK Hynix has already been supplying first-generation high bandwidth memory to both AMD and NVIDIA before Samsung jumped into the fray as well.

High bandwidth memory is basically a high performance RAM interface with DRAM modules stacked up in four layers. Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology enables these stacked memory chips to process data 4 to 8 times faster than conventional DDR memory while consuming up to 40% less power. Second-gen chips are expected to process data twice as fast as their predecessors which were first unveiled by SK Hynix in late 2013, while the storage capable of the 8GB chips is said to have increased fourfold.



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I want to know where are you getting your source that state Nvidia is being supplied by first-gen HBM. Nvidia has skipped the first-gen HBM altogether and they are going to use the second-gen HBM on the upcoming Pascal gpu. Not one in Nvidia’s current consumer graphics cards has HBM in it.

Get your facts right.


It’s about time Nvidia got smart and quit attempting to trash South Korean memory makers. Who are so far ahead of Taiwan and Mainland China’s capabilities it ain’t funny. TSMC is struggling to get in the HBM race. But as yet they’ve failed to demonstrate the fabrication technology to do it with. Promises…… promises…… promises and they are only now starting to get 16nm FinFet SoC processors ramped up. But….. my point here is that Nvidia’s CEO Jason Huang is about as full of it as TSMC’s CEO. They both flap their jaws a lot….. brag….. and rave about their… Read more »