Samsung’s SLEEPsense is an IoT-enabled sleep tracker

Ever since Samsung started working on the Internet of Things they’ve been coming up with some really good ideas for your home, all of which are interconnected. Now they’ve come up with a fitness tracker of sorts called SLEEPsense, which is a 1cm thick device that goes right under your mattress, allowing it to monitor your sleep movements and sleep pattern. The interesting thing about this new device is that it can activate other devices using the Internet of Things, for instance if you are having trouble sleeping this device could turn on the air conditioner for ensuring an optimal sleeping temperature.

It can do a lot of other neat things as well like turning off the TV when you fall asleep for example. That’s the power of interconnected home devices and it’s something that Samsung has been working on intensively this year. SLEEPsense is packed full of features and it includes a heart rate and breathing rate monitor which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Its most notable use would be for the elderly, allowing full tracking in a shelter for instance. This device is expected to be released later this year in South Korea.




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Answer = how many times are you going to say the same thing, what does 5.1.1 have ANYTHING to do with this article???


this update 5.1.1 has many lags and bugs like : bugs in look screen , bugs in multitasking , Stuck at work with phone , camera lags , bugs in smart manager app and …
I wanted to know samsung Offer new update for this problems or not ???
please answer …