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Samsung to demonstrate new sub-titling technologies at IFA


Last updated: August 31st, 2015 at 12:25 UTC+02:00

Subtitle support has always been a tricky matter, especially when it comes to live streaming videos. However, Samsung wants to improve sub-titling support on its smart TVs to provide better and more accurate formats for the deaf and the blind as well as support new technologies.

The technology giant recently released a statement saying that they’re going to demonstrate a new HbbTV 2.0 format at IFA next month, which is the first element of the Pilot-A project. You will find the new format’s demonstration at Berlin in the ARD Digital Hall at the IRT and RBB booths, as well as IBC.

So what does HbbTV 2.0 actually do? Well, it’s going to add support for the EBU-TT-D subtitle format, which is for broadband content. With this format, it’s going to be possible to generate subtitles for live streaming, which is impressive and it’s a much-needed feature. Here’s what Mi Young Soo, Vice President (Visual Display Business) at Samsung Electronics had to say about the matter:

In order to support the work of the Hbb4All project and to be ready for this demonstration, Samsung has accelerated its implementation for EBU-TT-D based subtitles, and we are really grateful for the support provided to us by IRT, RBB and all other Hbb4All partners.

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