Samsung formally adds 10nm FinFET in its foundry’s process roadmap

About two months back Samsung unveiled its next-generation 10nm FinFET manufacturing plans, the move came barely a month after it released its first smartphones that use the 14nm FinFET based Exynos 7420 processor. At that time Samsung said that the processing node will be fully functional by the end of next year. It was reported recently that Samsung may alter its schedule in order to prevent clients that might consider switching to 10nm chips from TSMC, the Taiwan-based foundry is expected to skip the 14nm process and go straight to 10nm just like Samsung did with it skipped 20nm and jumped directly to 14nm.

Kelvin Low from Samsung Foundry confirmed in a video posted on YouTube that Samsung has formally added 10nm FinFET into the process roadmap, for chip designers working in mobile, consumer or networking market segment the new chips will provide significant performance and power consumption improvements. Samsung LSI division has already shown off its first 10nm wafers which was more of a symbolic move to send a message to major clients that Samsung is more than capable of getting its 10nm production lines up and running with no major difficulties.

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TSMC still hasn’t got all the bugs ironed out on their 16nm node. Skipping 14nm and supposedly jumping directly to Intel’s yet to ramp up 10nm licensed FinFet Process is maybe a joke. There is a huge difference between TSMC Foundaries and Samsung or Intel! TSMC just gets the license from Intel and Intel has never ever helped a licensee get a process running. Intel is only doing CPU cores and Samsung is running their Proprietary 14nm FinFet Process to produce whole System on Chip (SoC) processors. The difference is monumental and that’s why even Intel is still stuck at… Read more »