Samsung affirms Tizen is here to stay, says it’s “The OS of Everything”

Tizen is a new platform in the smartphone world (though it’s been developing for a few years now), and Samsung’s connection to it gives the fledgling platform a certain amount of publicity – whether good or bad. Tizen has its share of critics who view iOS, Android, and Windows as sufficient for OS choices; “we don’t need another,” some have said.

Well, if you’re one of Tizen’s critics, you’ll be displeased to know that Tizen isn’t going anywhere, according to Samsung Electronics Software Center VP Jong-deok (JD) Choi. We are preparing for the Internet of Things, and Tizen as ‘The OS of Everything’ will be the core platform, Choi told the audience at the SAS 2015 Forum in Seoul, South Korea on Thursday.

The Internet of Things (or IOT) is a phenomenon in the tech space whereby all the mobile devices we use (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, smart TV, smart fitness bands, etc.) will be connected to the internet along with non-mobile, non-OS devices that we’ve never connected to the internet before.

Samsung’s goal is to have all its devices connected to the IOT by 2017, and to have all devices connected to each other within the next five years (by 2020). The Internet will be at the center of all the excitement within the mobile space, since not only mobile devices, but also the home, will be connected to the Internet. Smart doorknobs, smart refrigerators, smart washers, smart dryers, and smart ovens are part of Samsung’s next big thing.

So, there you have it: whether you like Tizen or not, you’d better get used to it. As long as Samsung’s name stands (and it’s unlikely the Korean manufacturer’s star will fall anytime soon), Tizen will stand with it. Tizen may not be your everything, but it is Samsung’s.




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Smart this, smart that – I’m still smarting from the BADA debacle. Tizen would be good if it could be rolled out to ALL Samsung smart TV’s, not just the latest.


Samsung is still talking out of their asses. Of Tizen was such a big deal to Samsung, we would have seen them do more with the Gear S. Meanwhile it is just a bare minimum device doing absolutely nothing new. Don’t get me wrong, mine works like a dream. But its been the exact same device since release. Samsung needs to shut the heck up and start putting their money where their mouth is. Give the Gear S a big refresh or something. Tizen is not a problem, Samsung is the problem, and the reason it will fail is Samsung.… Read more »


Choices are good. Tizen look promising to me. Everything starts from nowhere. Look at Android!