‘Artik’ is reportedly Samsung’s new IoT-based mobile cloud platform

According to a new report Samsung Electronics is working on a new mobile cloud service called “Artik,” this Internet of Things based cloud platform will apparently be used by the company to bring together all of the different connected smart devices that it makes. A trademark has already been filed by the company for Samsung Artik with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the documents reveal that this patent is for a cloud computing system for connecting, managing and operating smart devices.

Samsung Artik may also be used to enable smart connected technologies in products like cars, electronics and other consumer devices to communicate with each other as well as with mobile devices. The company is also expected to introduce software that’s capable of storing and analyzing data in the Internet of Things system, which basically shows that Samsung wants to provide a single platform to manage and control devices that make up the Internet of Things. The patent application does not make it clear when Samsung intends to formally launch Artik.



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