Samsung and Nuance offer Gear S voice assistant application for doctors


Last updated: April 14th, 2015 at 04:53 UTC+01:00

Tizen has been known to be an open-source platform from the day of its arrival to the mobile market, and Samsung is now showing signs that it intends to bring an open-source philosophy to all of its future mobile plans. This starts today with the company’s introduction of PowerMic Mobile, a voice-activated application for doctors that will work well with Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch.

PowerMic Mobile is a partnership between Samsung and computer software company Nuance. PowerMic Mobile works like a tape recorder, allowing doctors to record information for a patient’s Electronic Health Record (or EHR) without needing to type or write down the information. The application works similar to Samsung’s S-Voice, but PowerMic Mobile uses Nuance’s voice assistant, Florence, rather than Samsung’s homegrown voice assistant.

While PowerMic Mobile allows doctors to dictate, record, and edit patient information, the application also provides the ability to have telephone encounters, to order x-rays, and make notes about reducing or increase medication dosage, for example.

Samsung intends to debut PowerMic Mobile at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2015 Conference. The application will be available for Samsung’s Gear S next month.

PowerMic Mobile allows direct patient phone calls

PowerMic Mobile Gear S 2

PowerMic Mobile Gear S 3

PowerMic Mobile Gear S 4



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