Galaxy S6 edge water test yields surprising result

We know that the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge are not waterproof but can these devices withstand exposure to water for a certain amount of time? That’s what Keaton Keller from TechSmartt set out to find. He did a water test on the Galaxy S6 edge and found that the flagship can actually handle it better than what we would have expected from a device that’s not designed to be impervious to water.

Keller let the Galaxy S6 edge soak in a bowl of water for more than 20 minutes. He did take out the device a couple of times to check if it was still working and indeed it was. After 22 minutes he took it out, dried the Galaxy S6 edge with a towel and even tried shaking out the water. It’s clear that the water made it inside because you can see it fog up the front camera. His efforts to get it up and running again fell short as the device got stuck in a boot loop. Eventually the Galaxy S6 edge did turn on but the camera didn’t make it.

This video shows that while you can’t take your Galaxy S6 edge swimming with you it’s robust enough to stand exposure to a reasonable amount of water during normal use. So you might not have to worry too much if you accidentally spill a glass of water on your shiny new Galaxy S6 edge.

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2 years 24 days ago

If water resistance was so important to you lot, you should have supported the S5 by actually buying one. Poor sales (in comparison with the S4) told Samsung that nobody cared about waterproofing and removeable battery, etc.

2 years 24 days ago

no. not quite. simply put, the s5 was not that big a leap from the s4. so unless like me you were using a s2 or 3 there was very little incentive to jump phones. the majority of s4 users would also have been mid contract, so why bother. Now with the s6 Samsung have come back with a bang and a device worthy of an early upgrade. Many users do care about a removable battery (yes i know about power banks) but they can be a tad bulky compared to a spare battery. i concede that the removal of sd cards was a wise decision as the current tech would impact negatively on the devices performance.
From my view it would not have been too difficult to waterproof an already sealed unit.
I dare say in 6 months they will release a device that caters for the shortcomings of an excellent phone although going on past history they will release 2 units, one that’s waterproof and one that has an sd card slot and removable battery. They do love their different variants lol

2 years 24 days ago

oh and for good measure stymie them with naff processors and crap cameras.

2 years 24 days ago

if they made an s5 mini with water resistance without any cover on charging port….
why did samsung not made the s6 and s6 edge water resistance..????

2 years 24 days ago

They really should have made it water-resistant. If they managed to do that with a removable back cover, all the more reason to keep that feature now that it’s not user-accesible.

2 years 24 days ago

better it’s not waterproof but not that big. The S5 could have been smaller with same screen size if it wasn’t waterproof. Thickness is not a big thijng for me but the other size is, so for me perfectly fine without IP67.

REza 0314
2 years 24 days ago

Wow….just wooooow …it’s amazing