Samsung says the Galaxy S6 edge will not make you come across as impolite in social situations

We often find ourselves in a situation when we have to apologize beforehand so that we don’t come across as impolite in a social gathering when diverting our attention to our smartphones. If your phone buzzes in your pocket you won’t immediately know if it’s something or someone that needs your attention right away or if it can wait. Samsung says its research showed that answering phone calls, texting or just glancing at your smartphone’s screen in a social situation is considered impolite, and this research fueled the creation of a new feature in its latest flagship, the Galaxy S6 edge.

The company’s research showed that 76 percent of smartphone users believe it is rude to check a mobile phone during a conversation. However more than 70 percent of users said that they want a better way for people they care about to contact them if it’s urgent. Samsung’s European Head of Innovation, Lysa Clavenna said that they found during the research that most people work around this issue by placing their mobile phones face-down on a table. They used these insights to develop the Galaxy S6 edge’s “People edge” feature.

The curved dual glass edges in the Galaxy S6 edge let users view incoming calls discreetly even when the device is turned face down. With People edge users can register up to five contacts and assign individual colors to them so that they can always see who is trying to reach them when the assigned color glows on the curved edge. If users aren’t in a position to take the call they can easily reject it by placing their finger on the heart rate sensor, this will also send a default customisable text message to the caller automatically.


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