Samsung spent highest amount on R&D despite last year’s troubles

2014 wasn’t really a spectacular year for Samsung’s mobile division but that didn’t stop the company from putting more money into its research and development efforts. Samsung Electronics invested the highest amount of money in its history for R&D purposes, this according to the company’s audit report, which revealed that as of March 8th the company’s total R&D investments have reached 15.325507 trillion won or just under $14 billion. The monthly average of R&D expenditure comes down to 1.2771 trillion won or $1.15 billion.

The company’s R&D investments have increased 3.7 percent from 14.780432 trillion won or $13.3 billion as opposed to the previous year. This means that Samsung didn’t cut down on these investments even though sales decreased. Samsung covered it up elsewhere. It reduced expenses for marketing, advertising and sales from 4.16529 trillion won or $3.7 billion to 3.773649 trillion won or $3.3 billion.



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