Samsung could be ditching the Snapdragon 810 for business reasons

It looks like the overheating issues that have been associated with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 might not be the main reason Samsung isn’t using the chip in the Galaxy S6. According to a report from ETNews, the Korean manufacturer is focusing on its Exynos chip for the next flagship Galaxy S in order to start competing with Qualcomm in the mobile SoC market. Samsung is reportedly banking on its 14nm manufacturing technology to market the Exynos 7420 as a better option; the 14nm process has allowed Samsung to achieve a higher clock rate (2.1GHz) for its chip compared to Qualcomm, which is using the 20nm process and is only targeting a clock speed of 1.6GHz for the high-performance Cortex-A57 cores on the Snapdragon 810.

Until now, Samsung has had no choice but to go with Qualcomm on many of its devices, as the latter is leading the market with mobile CPUs that feature inbuilt LTE modems and hence offer better battery performance and efficiency. However, now that Samsung has its own LTE modem (and is reportedly working on its own GPU as well), it looks like the company could be gearing up to market its Exynos line of SoCs to other manufacturers as good alternatives to Qualcomm’s hugely popular Snapdragon lineup.

What do you think about Samsung’s reported plans to widely use the Exynos 7420 in the Galaxy S6 and allow other OEMs to use it in their flagships?

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