First Tizen smartphone reportedly fails to excite India

After being delayed multiple times the Samsung Z1 was recently released in India. This is the first smartphone commercially released by Samsung that’s running on the company’s own Tizen operating system which has so far powered Samsung devices other than smartphones. The company might have hoped that Tizen would hit the ground running in India due to its competitive price but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather it seems the device failed to excite the market.

Reuters reports that reviewers and consumers both are not singing praises of the Samsung Z1. Many criticize the lack of applications as well as its low-resolution cameras. This leads the scribe to speculate that the Z1 will struggle to make its mark in the Indian market which is already being courted by some 280 smartphone brands.

Even though the Samsung Z1’s $92 price tag beats many Android rivals on price the low-end smartphones powered by Google’s OS still offer better specifications, particularly cameras which are better than the Z1’s 3.1-megapixel rear camera.

Samsung has not said if and when the Tizen smartphone will be released in other markets.



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That tizen phone real market price is 20 usd, like a toy for a kid. No applications, no games, tizen is the worst mobile os in the world, etc. 92 usd for this, is 5 times more than the real toy price of the device


Samsung will be failed in future due to not giving proper time android update.

Samsung need ti think about the same..!!

Think think aotherwise you will not survive in market for long time dear


Yeah I am 100% agree with you. Samsung is very lazy in android updates I am also very disappointed.