Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 will be as optimized as the Nexus 6

We exclusively reported that Samsung is developing the Galaxy S6 from scratch (both hardware and software) as a part of its Project Zero initiative. Now, a report from Business Korea has reaffirmed that Samsung is indeed working hard on optimizing the software on the Galaxy S6. According to the report, Samsung is aiming to get rid of unnecessary features and simplifying the UI – the company is supposedly aiming at optimizing TouchWiz to such an extent that it would be as fast and smooth as stock Android on the Nexus 6.

That’s very welcome news if true, as optimization has been sorely lacking on Samsung’s software for a long time now. Samsung has already started removing some features, as is evident on the Galaxy Note 4, but it’s clear that there is still a lot of cruft and unnecessary functionality that needs to be removed. Hopefully, this optimized version of TouchWiz will slowly but surely trickle down to cheaper devices with lower-end hardware after the Galaxy S6 comes out, we’ll find out just how good a job Samsung has done when the Galaxy S6 gets its inevitable official announcement in the next month or so.


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