Samsung’s Galaxy Note S Pen stylus took its current form after a year’s worth of deliberation

It’s no secret that the S Pen stylus is one of the biggest features that sets the Galaxy Note lineup apart from the sea phablets put out to market by the competition. The S Pen stylus was introduced along with the first-generation Galaxy Note, and in an interview with CNET, Tae Moon Roh, Samsung’s executive vice president for product strategy and innovation R&D, has said that Samsung’s engineers and designers took almost a year to decide how the final form of the S Pen will be like. From as large as a ballpoint pen to something as small as a toothpick, the stylus went through a lot of design iterations.

The interview also has other interesting nuggets, including Roh’s thoughts on where the market is heading as far as technology is concerned. According to Roh, smartphone displays are set to become more sharp and sport higher resolutions, and mobile cameras need to be more “like the human eye” and offer improved low-light photography, which is good to hear considering that’s one aspect where Samsung still struggles, despite adding optical image stabilization in the Galaxy Note 4 and offering a huge megapixel count on recent flagships.

You can find the entire interview at the source link, and also check out our review of the Galaxy Note 4 here.


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