The Netherlands police starts testing the Samsung Galaxy S5 for law enforcement

Earlier this year, it was reported that the National Police in Holland had ordered thousands of units of the Galaxy S5 in order to use the device for law enforcement. Now, a spokesperson for the police has confirmed to Android Planet that they have indeed starting using the Galaxy S5, though the device is currently under trial to see if it can do all the tasks it needs to do in order to replace the BlackBerry devices that are currently under use. The Galaxy S5 will be used to “simplify administrative tasks of constables,” allowing them to easily scan documents and badges, dishing out fines, and more.

If the trial run succeeds, the Galaxy S5 will be handed out to all officials from December 11, with Amsterdam the first city where the device will become the official smartphone for the police in the Netherlands. Samsung is likely hoping the S5 comes out with flying colors in the test, and will no doubt be pushing features like the fingerprint sensor as reasons why the Galaxy S5 is a great fit for law enforcement.




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Well mine s5 is getting a new ringtone “tatutatu” and a blue led notification light.


*hides his S5 when in public in the Netherlands from now on*