Samsung addresses Galaxy Note Edge curved display durability

Back in September, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Note Edge. This smartphone stands out from the pack because of its curved display. Many were curious about what Samsung had done with this smartphone and the biggest question they asked was whether or not this curved display was durable. Samsung has addressed those concerns in a new blog post.

Samsung says that it was aware that this question might be asked frequently, which is way more than 1,000 drop tests were conducted to ensure that the display would hold up, apart from dozens of other “vigorous durability tests” to ensure that this device could go through an accidental fall or slip.

The company also touches upon the question whether the Note Edge’s curved display registers unintentional touches frequently? The designers and engineers have configured the touch sensor so that it can recognize the different between finger and palm, so that the device can easily distinguish between an unintentional touch and an intentional tap.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a limited edition device that is only being released in a select few markets, in most markets it will cost upwards of $800.



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