New video hyping Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode Two

With mere days to go until the official launch of the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has uploaded a preview video for the event to their Youtube channel. It actually seems as though Samsung can’t stop promoting their upcoming flagship device; just yesterday we showcased a much more action-packed video that seemed to make a similar point. You can’t really blame them however, the Galaxy Note 4 is poised to be one of – if not the – fastest, most feature-packed handsets to ever come out.

Irrespective of the ad from yesterday, we may still analyze today’s video on its own merits. The grand theme here is the utility of the pen as a concept, and the viewer is shown four (significant number perhaps?) different iterations of that concept through time. First we see an ancient Egyptian reed-like pen over a background of hieroglyphs. Next, a feather quill over beautiful, cursive poetry. Then, a dip pen hovering over a musical composition. And finally a fountain pen on top of a background of some sort of mathematical theorem. After all of these, we see an illuminated S Pen and the message is clear – Samsung is responsible for the present and future of pens.

Besides the content, the background graphics at the end are composed of hundreds of S Pens and thusly it really does seem as though the focus of the Galaxy Note 4 will be writing and recognition and convenience. We simply can’t wait, but there’s also not much waiting left to do; Unpacked 2014 Episode Two takes place September 3rd.


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Announce 4.4.4 KitKat for the following Devices:

– Galaxy S5 & variants
– Galaxy Tab Pro & S
– Galaxy Note 2 & over
– Mid-end Galaxy smartphones.


I hope the episode3 of Unpacking releases lots of updates for their flagships!

The story of Note 10.1 (N8000, nordic)
– in a store on september 2012 with android 4.0
– updated on january 2013 to android 4.1
– september 2014, still android 4.1

No 4.2
No 4.3
No 4.4. still wsiting to get the nordic version (released in german on may 2014)

Just bought OPO and the next one is Surface Pro 3. Another Samsung? Never again!!!


Too excited for my own good


I can vouch for [after watching the video] that the device compacting the mainly-described s-pen is the final design/physique of Note 4.


read accompanying for the word “compacting”