Samsung’s smartphone market share takes a hit in Q2 2014

Samsung has already warned analysts about an impending decline in profits in the second quarter this year, and now market research firm IDC has revealed that Samsung’s smartphone shipments took a considerable hit during the same period. According to IDC’s data, Samsung’s Q2 market share saw a year-on-year decrease from 32.3 in Q2 last year to 25.2 percent – Samsung still leads other OEMs in shipment volume, but the reduced market share is a telling sign that the company’s phone sales are starting to suffer, mainly in the low and mid-range segment due to Chinese manufacturers offering better value at rock bottom prices.

Samsung is no doubt expecting to bounce back in the coming months with devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and the new Galaxy Alpha lineup, but it remains to be seen just how much change those will bring. As recent trends have shown, growth in the smartphone market is to be had mostly in the budget and mid-range segment, and unless Samsung can come up with more feature-packed devices at attractive prices, the next few quarters might see the company’s market share continue to decline.




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I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the big reason the S5 has not captured a lot of attention/sales is because many improvements are not the sort of things you see on a spec sheet. The updated display and water resistant features for example really don’t come across well if you just look at a spec sheet, and for many, they don’t care about water resistant features since they don’t take their phone near water(pool or otherwise). The updated AMOLED display doesn’t come across as a new feature, even though it IS a nice improvement, and the… Read more »