Report: Samsung has the largest number of smartphone patents

With a new handset coming out almost every other day, Samsung no doubt has the highest amount of devices in its smartphone lineup compared to the competition. Well, according to a new report, Samsung also leads the pack when it comes to patents, with the Korean manufacturer having a total of 2,179 patents – both granted and applied for – under its belt. That’s more than three times higher than Apple’s, which currently holds around 647 patents according to the report, and a tad higher than LG’s 1678 patents.

In third place is Qualcomm with 1,383 patents, followed by Sony with 1,071 patents. Samsung’s frequent applications for new patents has often bought to fore what the manufacturer is working on, but most of the time those are future concepts that show no sign of coming to market in the form of an actual product any time soon.


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3 years 24 days ago

But they release the ugliest one everytime. I’v seen some great patents but they never make it to market …WHY?

3 years 25 days ago

The reports says granted patents last year. These figures are the amount of patents assigned.
And apple really is not innovative enough to have really invented stuff, so that’s basically at least 600 software patents from apple.
Samsung does real innovation though, and they are not fast to patent obvious ideas, so make that 10 or so. Then let’s add microsoft with another 5000 software patents a year.
No wonder software development is getting harder.

3 years 26 days ago

Time for Apple to sue Samsung for copying the idea of building your business around patents 😉

3 years 27 days ago

What a portfolio.