Samsung launches new 55 and 65-inch curved UHD TVs

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Samsung is extending its (short) curved TV lineup with the new HU8290 series, which includes a 55-inch and a 65-inch curved TV of Ultra HD (3840×2160 pixels) resolution. According to Samsung, the HU8290 series offers a 3D-like experience thanks to its curved display, comes with support for codecs such as UHD HEVC, and also includes the ability upscale 1080p or lower-resolution content to 4K resolution, which should be useful considering the lack of 4K content at this point in time. Both the 55-inch and 65-inch variants are available in Europe right now, with the former priced at 3,099 Euro and the latter at 4,499 Euro. Those are unsurprisingly high prices, but the low penetration and demand make that a necessity, and we might have to wait a few years before UHD TVs – curved ones at that – become affordable.


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