Samsung Galaxy K zoom to launch as Galaxy K zoom 2 in South Korea

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Samsung launched the successor to the Galaxy S4 zoom recently as the Galaxy K zoom, deciding to opt for a new naming convention, possibly to better differentiate between the plethora of devices it puts out to markets. Well, it seems like the Korean manufacturer has changed the name of its latest camera-cum-smartphone once again, at least in its home country. According to an image we received, the Galaxy K zoom will be launched as the Galaxy K zoom 2 in South Korea. Why? Apparently, this is because Samsung already has a Galaxy K in the country (a Galaxy S variant for carrier Korea Telecom), and doesn’t want confuse consumers.

Of course, one has to wonder if that really is the reason, as adding a number to the end of the device’s name isn’t going to help any more than adding the word zoom already should. Furthermore, Samsung is also preparing to launch a handset called Galaxy W in the near future despite having another Galaxy W in its lineup from a couple of years ago, though we’re guessing since the original Galaxy W didn’t launch in South Korea, Samsung isn’t afraid of confusing anyone as long as the device doesn’t make its way to other markets.



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3 years 7 months ago

Now only missing is dual sim…..
Then it would be perfect for traveling around the world 🙂

3 years 7 months ago

It certainly is!