Samsung to kill Music Hub service on July 1, will likely replace it with Milk Music

We recently reported that the Samsung Hub service would be going away from the company’s devices, but it seems like rather than going away for good, it will be replaced by newer services, starting with Music Hub. Samsung is sending out emails to its Music Hub customers saying that the service will cease to exist from July 1 and will be replaced by a “better and more complete musical experience.” Music Hub users can download all their purchased content and redeem any vouchers in the meantime.

Here’s the message Samsung has sent out to its Music Hub customers (translated):

Dear Samsung Music (Music Hub) Customers

We would like to inform you that Samsung Music is no longer available from 1 July 2014. However, we will announce an even better and more complete musical experience as a replacement option for Samsung Music. 
, we ask you to take the time to download all of your purchased content before 1 July 2014 and to redeem any remaining vouchers for Samsung Music.

Samsung isn’t saying what new service will replace Music Hub, but it’s likely that will be the Milk Music service it introduced recently. Samsung is expected to add premium subscriptions to Milk Music in the coming months, which would coincide with the closing down of Music Hub, and will give the company enough time to expand availability of Milk Music to more regions.


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