Samsung has a 6000mAh battery pack with fake leather and stitch design

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Samsung revealed the faux leather design with the Galaxy Note 3 and has integrated it in some of its devices. Now Samsung mobile accessories are also getting the same treatment. Take this battery pack, for instance.

It’s selling on Samsung India’s online store and not only it packs 6000mAh of battery capacity but it also comes with a faux leather and stitch finish. The aesthetics is further enhanced with an embedded charging cable, which means users won’t have to carry any cable to charge their device.

We’re not sure when will Samsung start doing perforated back accessories but we’re sure it will be soon.

For now, this battery pack retails in India for Rs. 3,599 (US$60).

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3 years 8 months ago
Here we are in days when faux leather is common even in Luxury Automobile Industry and Sam Mobile castigates Samsung for using it? Why not pick on Apple? Who says a cheaper made $80 Vinyl Pleatherette Case for iPhones? At least Samsung is is being more Eco Friendly with their own Cheil Industries 60yr old Award Winning Plastics company!!!! ……where as Apple only claims to have reinvented cheap plastic they don’t make themselves and vinyl that isn’t near as eco friendly or as high of quality as Samsung Cheil Industries Award Winning Infino Brand PC (Polycarbonate)! GET A CLUE SAM… Read more »
3 years 8 months ago

Oh shut up would ya, you Outrageous FOOL!! :p