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A new 16-megapixel sensor isn’t the only main attraction when it comes to the Galaxy S5‘s camera – Samsung has also built in a few useful features to improve the imaging experience. These include fast autofocus (less than 0.3 seconds), real-time HDR mode that gives you a live preview of what a photo will look after it is taken in HDR mode, and a simpler and more streamlined UI that puts capturing quick photos front and center. In its ongoing “Galaxy S5 Explained” series of posts, Samsung has talked about all the features that make the camera on the Galaxy S5 tick, going into detail about how things like fast auto focus work. There’s nothing on how the camera still sucks in low-light, but hey, that’s not surprising, is it?

Furthermore, Samsung has made another post that talks about the design of the Gear Fit, which boasts the world’s first curved AMOLED display. There are details on how the Gear Fit is so small and light, its fitness features, and, of course, that attractive display, though as you’ll soon see in our review, the Gear Fit is little more than a pretty wearable device.

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